Saturday, September 23, 2017

BEAM Artistes x Universal Music Malaysia - Manhunt Malaysia 2017

Beam Artistes and Universal Music Malaysia had partnered to bring about the first ever Manhunt Malaysia 2017. Beam artistes, a premium artiste management company in Singapore and Universal Music Malaysia, the local arm of Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music based entertainment. This is a first of it's kind partnership to bring the Manhunt Malaysia 2017 as part of BEAM's focus to offer opportunities primarily in the entertainment and media industries for men.

BEAM has made substantial investments in and has developed a valuable identity for, the unique symbols and element of Manhunt, that have achieved national and regional acknowledgement and approval. These elements included but are not limited to recognizing and honoring the traits of honestly, good character, talent, fitness, sportsmanship, grooming, intellect, leadership and good judgment and to serve as role models for other men with similar goals and personal characteristic.

The Competition is designed to combine a respect for traditional and historic foundations of the program with recognition of prevailing modern tastes and values. Hence, to foster similar values and goals here in Malaysia, Universal Music Malaysia and BEAM are collaborating for the first time to organize Manhunt Malaysia 2017. The winner of the competition shall be entitled to that title until his successor is named. Unless earlier terminated by BEAM and will be representing Malaysia in Manhunt International 2017, which will take place in Thailand in November 2017.

The audition process took place on 26th August 2017, where total of 18 outstanding candidates were shortlisted as finalist vying for the title. Those 18 men are now in the running to become BEAM and Universal's first ever Manhunt Malaysia 2017 champion and will undergo a 9-week program until the winner is crowned.

The programme includes workshop that encapsulate fitness workout session by vision Boy/Spinning class by Aloha Cycle Club/Cross fit training by District 13, vocal lesson by Bentley Music Academy, skincare grooming workshop by SRM Skincare, modeling, self grooming and speech training by Jimmy Wong of Wong Creatives and many more.

The pre-judging session will be on 6th October 2017 where there will be a fashion show featuring the finalists in sportswear and swimwear. The Top 10 finalists will also be selected during this process and will be revealed during the Grand Finale which takes place on 18th October 2017 at the Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.

At the Grand Finale, the finalist will be put through intense competitions in 4 main rounds , the casual wear round, the swimwear dance, the formal wear round as well as the question and answer round. Throughout the Competition, the esteemed panel of judges will include Universal Music Malaysia Representatives, BEAM management as well as the one and only Ning Baizura.

Do follow Manhunt Malaysia to find out who will be the first Manhunt Malaysia 2017.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Celebrate Ramandhan With A Bazaar Themed Buffet Feast At Big Apple Restaurant, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, KL

The sacred month of Ramadhan is around the corner and everyone is looking forward to Ramadhan Bazaars that pop up all around the country.The smells from a myriad of local delicacies and delights are inevitable. It's also a time for reflection and celebration, a time to be spent with friends and family.

Lucky for us, Berjaya Times Square Hotel is offering the experience of a full Ramadan Bazaar sans the smoky air and crowded lanes. To usher in the holy month of Ramadan this year, the chefs of Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur has skilfully put together a sumptuous buffet spread with more than 200 authentic local cuisines from different states of Malaysia, promising an exceptional dining experience for all.

True to the bazaar theme this year, the casual all-day dining outlet, The Big Apple Restaurant will be transformed into the classic Ramadhan bazaar stalls reminiscent of those found in popular outdoor bazaars around Malaysia during the festive period.

You will be able to experience first-hand what the contemporary Malaysia food bazaar is like in Malaysia during Ramadhan. You'll get to enjoy the lively atmosphere of a bazaar with an authentic and memorable dining experience. With over 200 dishes, guests will be able to indulge but this time enjoy heir food in a more comfortable setting,

Aside from the lively and inviting bazaar atmosphere, Berjaya Times Square Hotel has also prepared a special Kedah Claypot Fish Head Curry, lovingly prepared by the hotel’s Sous Chef, Chef Yusoff using his grandmother’s family recipe. Utilizing only the freshest ingredients and aromatic spices, the Claypot Fish Head Curry is guaranteed to be the highlight of the entire buffet dinner.

Individual stalls will be spaced around the restaurant featuring special signature dishes. Guests can expect Lempeng Kelapa, Lamb Briyani, Ikan Keli/ Cencaru Bakar, Pucuk Manis Ubi Keledek, Otak- Otak Muar, Murtabak Istimewa, Ayam Goreng Uncle Bakri amongst many other must-try traditional Malay dishes. Those looking for lighter and healthier options can toss up their own Ulam-Ulam Tempatan or pick from a variety of ready-made salads on offer.

Besides the delectable buffet spread at The Big Apple Restaurant, this Ramadhan, you will also be able to enjoy the Nasi Briyani Gam Batu Pahat made with traditional herbs and spices which comes in two delectable choices; chicken or lamb.. It's specially prepared by Chef Yusoff and will be available for takeaway at the stalls located at the lobby of the hotel.

The Ramandhan Buffet on 29th May till 4th June 2017 and 19th June till 22nd June 2017, buffet priced at RM 128.00 nett for adults and RM 58.00 nett for children. On 5th June till 18th June 2017, dinners can enjoy the Ramadhan buffet priced at RM 138.00 nett for adults and RM 68.00 nett for children. Early bird vouchers are also available for purchase at RM 100.00 nett for adults and RM 50.00 nett for children.

If you prefer more privacy, you can enjoy a Ramadhan Buffet at RM118.00 nett per person, with a guaranteed minimum of 10 tables. For every 10 confirmed tables, guests will receive one complimentary table. Ramadhan meeting packages are also available at RM148.00 nett per person for full day meetings and RM158.00 nett per person for half day meetings.

2 days one night Ramadhan Residential Packages during the Ramadhan Month are also available from RM428.00 nett per person per night onwards. The package is inclusive of buffet breakfast, a 1-day meeting package with two breaks, 1 buffet lunch or dinner, alongside the use of meeting rooms and meeting facilities.

The Bazaar Ramadhan buffet will starts from the 29th May 2017 till 22nd June 2017, 6.30pm to 10.30pm. Kindly contact 03-2117 8000 for reservation or inquiries.

Media Ramadhan Preview - Big Apple Restaurant

Recently I've had been invited to Media Ramadhan Preview Bloggers Gathering at Big Apple Restaurant. It was been held to try out some of the ramadhan buffet menus included their signature dishes ''.
Me, twin sis Erin & bloggers friends Dilla, Iena & Joanne

Me, twin sis Erin & bloggers friends Dilla, Iena & Joanne

Me, twin sis Erin & blogger friend Syafiera

Eventhough the price a little bit expensive, it was such a sinful day as I've got to enjoy these delightful food spread. Further I got to be among the first to taste a wide selection of Malaysian appetizers & variety of dishes at Ramadhan Preview 2017. The buffet spread can surely satisfy everybody's taste buds especially the variety of desserts!

Interesting thing about having a ramadhan buffet here is that guests will get to experience the classic Ramadhan bazaar stalls reminiscent the outdoor bazaars around Malaysia throughout the month of Ramadan.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Goodbye Blackheads Thanks To Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub

Our weather has been hot and humid these days. A little humidity can be a good thing for keeping your skin soft and hydrated. But when the water in the air tops 50 percent or more, it can leave your complexion sweaty and shiny and can even lead to breakouts.

Thus the perfect skincare products to make or maintain your skin healthy and glowing is by using Neutrogena Deep Clean Skin Care. It offers variety products that suits different kind of skin condition such as normal, dry and oily. Thanks to Neutrogena I've got to try these products Cleansing Oil To Foam, Foaming Cleaser and Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub myself. From all the three products given I really love Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub.

I have a combination skin with blackheads/whiteheads and open pores. With the unpredictable weather, the heat and humidity had worsened the situation. I tried many scrubs in the past to tackle these problems and to keep my skin clean and clear but it doesn't works wonders for my skin. With Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub doesn’t just fight blackheads, it helps eliminate them for clearer, smoother skin. This gentle scrub immediately works two ways to not only clear out the blackheads, but also to help prevent new ones from forming.

At first, you will feel it tingles as its maximum strength acne medicine, Salicylic Acid, penetrates deep to eliminate blackheads by removing stubborn dirt and oil trapped inside pores. Then, you’ll feel it's gentle, skin-soothing micro beads exfoliate without overdrying to help stop blackheads before they even start.

The scrub forms very mild lather and wash off easily with few splashing of water without leaving any slippery feeling. It removes dead skin cells, impurities and extract dust from clogged pores. It controls oil secretion up to certain extent. I use it for a minute every alternate day. After using this scrub, my skin feels soft, clear and refreshed. It doesn't make my skin dry or stretchy even it is very hydrating and suitable for dry skin too. It is non-comedogenic and dermatologist and allergy tested.

After using it for a week, I think this is the scrub which I can use without any guilt of overdoing. As you can see, the scrub has some orange, round granules and tiny white granules concentrated enough in the entire scrub. The base itself doesn’t feel like soapy, but rather creamy and mild. Surprisingly my clogged pores have reduced up to 65%, and I love the soft feel of the skin after using this scrub.

What it contains:
  • Beta hydroxyl acid formula – cleans dirt and excessive oil
  • Skin-conditioning beads – condition and soothe skin
  • Blackhead Fighting Complex – penetrates deep into pores to remove dead skin cells to help eliminate blackheads
  • Cedarwood extract and moisturizer – help strengthen the skin’s natural water and oil balance, and prevent new blackheads from forming with continuous use

How to use:

As a daily cleanser, squeeze a pea-size amount of the Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub onto your palm. Add a little water to form a lather and gently massage over the face. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Can be used everyday.

Overall Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub is a nice concentrated yet mild scrub for daily use for sensitive, oily or acne prone skin. Your face will feel rejuvanated and clean when the day's impurities are removed from your skin. This scrub leaves the skin soft, reduces clogged pores, and skin is visibly clearer for me. I recommend this scrub to be used regularly!

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Say Cheee-zu with Japanese Cheese Drink

Calling all cheese lovers, there’s a brand new drink in town! Chizu combines Japanese cheese foam with various coffee or fragrant tea to create “an original Japanese cheese drink”. Curious to know what this new beverage taste like? The Chizu Drink opened their first outlet on Wednesday, 15th March 2017 at Sunway Pyramid.

People usually consume cheese in the form of desserts (croissants, tarts, cakes) or food (pizzas), but thanks to Chizu, you can now drink it. Chizu, which means cheese in Japanese, not only offers roasted and fruity teas but coffee and chocolate as well.

Their signature drinks include Matcha Red Bean Cheese, Blackcurrant Cheese, Season Tea Cheese, Roasted Oolong Tea, and Coffee Latte Cheese. According to the company, their nutritional drinks also have several health benefits.

Keep up to date with Chizu Malaysia’s latest happenings and promotions via their Facebook page

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pharmaton The No.1 Adult Multivitamin Brand In Malaysia - Reward Your Achievement

Pharmaton, the No.1 adult multivitamin brand in Malaysia and its latest initiative aimed at rewarding Malaysians for their outstanding achievements in 2016 and giving them the tools to fulfill their goals this 2017. With a record of more than 50 years, Pharmaton is the No.1 adult multi vitamin brand in Malaysia.

This 2017, Pharmaton​® is out to give Malaysians the extra mileage for those eager to keep their resolutions and achieve bigger and better things throughout the year! Pharmaton​® has rolled out its latest “Reward Your Achievement” campaign that encourages Malaysians to reflect on their achievements in 2016 and celebrate their hard work, as well as fueling them to fulfil their resolutions in the upcoming year.

An event of "Reward Your Achievement" has been held on the 15th February 2017 at The Cooking Studio, Amarin Kiara where Renowned Celebrity Chef and Brand Ambassador of Pharmaton, Sherson Lian and his celebrity friends such as Siti Saleha, Sandra Woo & Hansen Lee had a talk show sharing their biggest achievements in 2016 and their goals for the upcoming year ahead followed by a fun cookout session.

 According to Ms. Carmenza Alarcon, Head of Consumer healthcare Malaysia/Singapore, Sanofi-aventis (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Pharmaton had launch the initiative ideals in promoting self-improvement by taking charge one's life and well being. Live in well being not an easy task as in many challenging factors come across everyday such as work pressure, health concern, financial constraints and so on that can affect on one's health condition.

As a health awareness and you would like to participate in this "Reward Your Achievement" contest, pick up a form at any participating retail outlets and tell us in 30 words or less why you deserve to win. The contest form can drop into a collection box or Whatsapp us at 017 235 2960 to join. The most creative achievements will WIN!

15 Malaysians will be sponsored by Pharmaton to assist in achieving their goals in year 2017. These selected winners will be given the option to select the area they have set to accomplish that related to health, self-development, pamper and travel. Not only that, ONE of these 15 winners will stand a chance to win a special cookout experience with celebrity chef and brand ambassador, Sherson Lian where he will teach a special dish based on the key pillar selected.

Let's join and grab a chance to WIN! Do visit for more info.