Saturday, March 18, 2017

Baju Kurung Modern - Online Muslimah Fashion Made Easy Only At Carousell

Back then fashionable Muslims were struggling to buy clothes because of the unsuitable hemlines and necklines, and they turned to wear layers, which are very hot and uncomfortable in our humid weather. Now Muslimah Fashion around the globe are making their marks in the fashion industry. Fusing trends with faith, they make covering up look cool and chic. Muslimah Fashion is committed in designing modest yet trendy clothing with 4 words in mind - Long, Loose, Comfortable and Affordable.

One of the Muslimah Fashion that is making it's mark around the globe is none other than Baju Kurung ModernWith it's origin from the southern state of Johor, Malaysia, Baju Kurung is a type of clothing for Malaysian women. It's a two piece costume consisting of an ankle length skirt and a blouse. It can be seen worn throughout the country such as at offices, weddings and official functions. It's also worn during festivities such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Hari Raya Haji, etc. Other than that, Baju Kurung is also adopted as one of the school uniforms for girls. The direct Malay translation of it means “enclosed dress” with baju meaning dress and kurung meaning enclosed. It is said that the concept of this attire was introduced after the arrival of Islam in the country.

Modern designers have created their own styles and taken their own approach to create contemporary designs with new twists to it. Nowadays most designers have created their own gorgeous baju kurung styles based on traditional designs to accommodate to the demands for individuality and unique designs.

If you are looking for affordable fashionable Muslimah outfits especially Baju Kurung Modern look no further to shop. Go and shop at Carousell. From dresses to scarves to baju kurung, Carousell offers wide variety of stylish options of Muslimah Fashion that will make you look modest, chic and fashionable.

For those never heard, Carousell is a marketplace and platform for consumers to buy or sell items on iPhone and Android smartphones. Founded in Singapore on May 1, 2012, by co founders Quek Siu Rui, Lucas Ngoo, and Marcus Tan, Carousell has then expanded regionally to three countries including MalaysiaIndonesia, and Taiwan. It's a simple way to sell and find great deals to save cash. Just snap a photo to sell your unused and secondhand goods. You can then list something for sale in just 30 secs and buy what you need in a private chat.

If you're looking to get your hands on Baju Kurung Modern online, there are plenty of Carousellers selling them either new or pre-loved with many different prices that are offered in Carousell. They range from cheap ones going as low as below RM100 that can be found through Carousell. Looking for new Baju Kurung Modern then check out Carouseller @candy.wardrobe, who have more than 50 designs of baju kurungs to choose from.

If you're looking for pre-loved Baju Kurung Modern below RM50 do check out my Carousell listings @garageone2one, who knows you might find something that you'll like. Other than that there are also other new or pre-loved items on my listings such as home furnishings, home decors, books, cds and even exclusive limited edition movies merchandises.

I've been a Carousell user since March 2015 sharing the account with my twin sister and so far from my experience it's a great, safest and easiest place to sell or buy things with just one click at your finger tips. Today I'm proudly to say that we've sold more than 50 items and some buyers even bought more than 1 item. But most importantly our buyers were satisfied and happy with their purchases.

If you haven't got the apps yet, you can get it for FREE simply by download the Carousell apps from App Store or Google Play Store. Want to know more on how to buy and sell on Carousell, visit their website

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