Saturday, July 2, 2016

Preview Screening of Independence Day: Resurgence

If you love aliens invasion film + Liam Hemsworth, then you're not gonna miss this one! Never mind if you didn't watch the 1st bcoz you would've pick-up the sequel as the storyline is straight forward! This film will be released nationwide on June 23, 2016.
Independence Day: Resurgence is a science fiction film sequel to the 1996 film Independence Day. We shall see an ensemble cast @jeffgoldblum, #BillPullman, #JuddHirsch returns in saving the world with new added cast @liamhemsworth, @jessietusher, @maikamonroe, @selaward, #WilliamFichtner, #TravisTope & @angelababyct. As the Fourth of July nears, satellite engineer David Levinson (#JeffGoldblum) investigates a 3,000-mile-wide mother ship that's approaching Earth. Fortunately 20 years earlier, nations across the world started to use recovered extraterrestrial technology to develop an immense defense program. When the alien invaders attack with unprecedented force, the U.S. president, teams of scientists & brave fighter pilots spring into action to save the planet from a seemingly invincible enemy.
It is a cheesy spectacle with a breezy plot that isn't believable, but it doesn't take itself seriously anyway. This is just a messy & frankly a bit boring, but fun popcorn movie with lots of action & humor in between the movie.
All that I can say that it's undeniably visually impressive, but like its predecessor, Independence Day: Resurgence lacks enough emotional heft to support its end-of-the-world narrative stakes. I'd give 3/5 🌟🌟🌟 just bcoz of LIAM HEMSWORTH + it was almost entertaining to watch eventhough not as good as the first one. Thanks to @ntv7 & CinemaOnlinefor the invites! 😰💀🎥🎬

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