Sunday, July 31, 2016

Premiere Screening of Skiptrace

If you love action-comedy + Jackie Chan film, then you're not gonna miss this one! This film will be released nationwide on July 21, 2016.
Skiptrace is a Hong Kong-Chinese-American action comedy film based on a story by Jackie Chan. In this film we shall see Jackie Chan & Johnny Knoxville teams up to battle a Chinese criminal together with @bingbing_fan, #EricTsang & #MichaelWong. Hong Kong detective Bennie Chan (#JackieChan) has been tracking notorious crime boss Victor Wong for over a decade. When Bennie's young niece Samantha (#FanBingbing) gets into trouble with Wong's crime syndicate, Bennie must track down the only man who can help him: fast-talking American gambler Connor Watts (#JohnnyKnoxville). Bennie races against the clock to bring Connor back to Hong Kong & the unlikely pair embark on an entertaining & perilous adventure from the snowy mountains of Mongolia to the windswept dunes of the Gobi desert.
Skiptrace feels more like a travelogue in the guise of an action adventure comedy, nothing more than a decent movie. The cheesy shenanigans of the main characters remain stuck in perpetual immaturity with slapstick antics & a bit disappointed with the fights scenes in the film. All that I can say that there's no plot but the impromptu & increasingly ludicrous situations made me stayed towards the end! I'd give 2.5/5 🌟 bcoz the story was a bit bland but the jokes content made me can't stop laughing eventhough the surprisingly twist at the end doesn’t make sense! Plus there’s a bloopers reel in the credits. Thanks to @ram.entertainment though for the invites! 😃😅🔫🎥🎬0

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