Sunday, May 22, 2016

XIXILI Lingerie Fashion Show 2016 ~ 'Aurora - Rise of Dawn'

Had the #privileged to attend XIXILI Lingerie Fashion Show 2016! With it's theme of 'Aurora - Rise of Dawn' the showcase was truly a fabulous one & Xixili didn't failed to impress us with their latest Summer/Spring Collection 2016. XIXILI is proud to offer products that are carefully designated yet supported with essential elements of fit for all individual needs. Concomitant with their brand motto "Uplifting You Always", Xixili reassured that we would have an intimate experience that enhances our confidence, happiness & well-being. XIXILI is founded by a group of ladies who were pleasantly surprised by the improvements of their bust-lines & appreciation of the bust volumes through the right choice of brassieres.
They passionately & dedicatedly employ their knowledge into crafting out a business model that combines personalized fitting with exquisite lingerie. Emceed by @nadiaheng, the lingerie fashion show kicked off with gorgeous models walked the runway in sizzling lingerie + intimate wear. The models strutted the in key looks XIXILI’s Aurora collection, from the sweet & seductive to more fetish-inspired lingerie. Thanks @xixili_intima for invites n #goodiesbag consist of @myshuuemura skin purifier, #Arimino bamboo hair conditioning mask moisturizer + vouchers from event co-partners/sponsors & @ruyilyn for d light refreshments (eventhough I had to pass on Sushi)! Had a great time rockin the 'Aurora - Rise of Dawn theme! Funky, fun freedom, be a trend-setter with XI! 😊🎈🎉

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