Monday, March 28, 2016

Premiere Screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Which team are u on? I'm on #TeamBatman or #TeamWonderWoman @gal_gadot errk? It's a face-off of superheroes! If you're a fan of Superman then go & watch this as it leaned towards Superman rather than Batman. This film is set to be released nationwide on March 24, 2016. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a follow-up to 2013's Man of Steel & the second installment in the DC Extended Universe. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the first live-action film to feature both #Batman & #Superman, as well as the first theatrical film to feature live-action portrayals of #WonderWoman, #Aquaman, #Cyborg & #TheFlash. In the film, criminal genius #LexLuthor manipulates Batman into preemptively battling Superman. It's been nearly two years since Superman's (#HenryCavill @henrycavill) colossal battle with #Zod (#MichaelShannon) devastated the city of Metropolis. The loss of life & collateral damage left many feeling angry & helpless, including crime-fighting billionaire #BruceWayne (#BenAffleck @benaffleck). Convinced that Superman is now a threat to humanity, Batman embarks on a personal vendetta to end his reign on Earth, while the conniving Lex Luthor (#JesseEisenberg) launches his own crusade against the Man of Steel. This film has many flaws, rubbish villains, exaggerated visual effects, many gaps in its story, but has enough achievements to become something worth seeing. All I can say that of course the visuals are great, but there is a darkness to the film that goes beyond the deadly serious storytelling that leaves little space for actual fun. I'd give 3.5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟 bcoz the action scenes are everything you hoped it would be & more, as the IMAX shot sequence is worth the IMAX experience as #ZackSynder gracefully captures meticulous details that is best enjoyed on the widest screen possible. Thanks to @mediahiburanofficial for d invites! 😰😅🔫🎥🎬

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