Monday, December 21, 2015

Trikstars – Masters of Trickery

Be blown away by world class magic, illusions, comedy & musical & ready to be mesmerized & mystified by the internationally acclaimed cast of Trikstars – Masters of Trickery as it's making it's way to Malaysia. World-renowned magicians, dancers, singers & illusionists will treat audiences of all ages to a spectacle like no other. The show is produced by internationally renowned theatrical impresarios, Dion & Randall International who have brought together five great magicians from all over Las Vegas & Europe. Amongst the many talents scouted by Dion & Randall International, The Wizardry of Phelston Jones; a great magician that captivates audiences with magic & comedy as he playfully picks on the audience to produce mesmerizing one-of a kind illusions, Sylvester the Jester; an American magician, best known for playing a cartoon character who comes to life, King Charles Troupe; a group of young men who play an unbelievable game of high-energy basketball on unicycles in a “Razzle Dazzle” style – a magnificent display of one-wheeled wonderment as they dribble, pass, shoot & weave their way through the world’s wittiest, wackiest game of basketball, Nightmares from Netherlands; the new era of Magic with a unique combination of storytelling, strong visual & magic & Sebastian + Kristina from Hungary, a multi prestigious award winning elite artistry for the art of dance & magical transformations & J’aime Holland, Aussie songtress who performed song numbers in between each acts. TRIKSTARS is a way for you to enjoy great things without having to travel far. The two hour performance will take place every Wednesday to Monday from 5th of December until 20th of December 2015 at 8:00pm. The show is suitable for all ages. Ticket prices for TRIKSTARS are available starting from RM70 for children & RM94 for adults, can be purchased at Glad that I could catch an extravaganza world-class magic live! Had a blast nite, thanks to @bonuslink for this unforgettable experience! 😍😱🎪🎡

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